PS4 Vs Xbox One Review | 2 Years Later

PS4 Vs Xbox One Review | 2 Years Later

Xbox One Vs PS4!

It’s been 2 years since each system was released, so what’s changed in that time that might affect which system is right for you?

Wanna grab one of them?
Xbox One

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  1. Will I am
    Will I am 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    It’s all because Xbox is so unreliable.

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  2. ** PN TakeFlight **
    ** PN TakeFlight ** 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I wish Xbox could keep up with ps4 πŸ’”

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  3. fAzE_cATfiSh
    fAzE_cATfiSh 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Me over here playing on my pc

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  4. Airplane Engine
    Airplane Engine 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Lmao Xbox One X rules all consoles

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  5. ItzSpoons
    ItzSpoons 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    You forgot about Forza horizon 3 for one of the Xbox exclusives

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  6. Richard Richard
    Richard Richard 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    The only thing that matters for me is the controller because both consoles are almost the same soooooo yeah.

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  7. The Trent Family
    The Trent Family 3 March, 2022, 18:02
  8. The Trent Family
    The Trent Family 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I own both consoles ad their both great they are very close to each other speed and gameplay wise, so I love them most equally.

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  9. Momin Aamir
    Momin Aamir 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Who else is watching it while owning a ps4 pro?

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  10. ClanBlade
    ClanBlade 3 March, 2022, 18:02
  11. ClanBlade
    ClanBlade 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    0:50 your thing in your shirt pocket looks like a dick, I'm not kidding you can see its testicles. but good video though.

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  12. Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Ps4 is loud as fawk.

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  13. Hugo Bissell
    Hugo Bissell 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Just. Get. Both.

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  14. Mcgregor FAA
    Mcgregor FAA 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I am on the side of xbox. but i think the reason xbox lost this gen was the exact same reason why the ps3 lost the last

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  15. Donavan Botha
    Donavan Botha 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    unsubscribed fuck you😠

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  16. Nix Vix
    Nix Vix 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Xbox One did not come out for a while in most European countries and Russia and India until like over a year later. So no wonder…

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  17. Jae B.
    Jae B. 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Funny how once he said "Smash that like button" I smashed it that instant.

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  18. cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    tombraider is better on ps4

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  19. shipai industries
    shipai industries 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I want a ps 4 I am asking the 10th request

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  20. somfplease
    somfplease 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    xbox failed focusing too much on all in one media center. With TVs now handling all that, makes all those features obsolete. Microsoft could have easily crushed sony but I am glad they screwed up and didn't.

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  21. Oracle AI
    Oracle AI 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Only Xbox exclusives halo wars 2 and gears of war 4 that's where your wrong kido

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  22. bigchurp
    bigchurp 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I want that coffee table

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  23. RP Arun Kumar
    RP Arun Kumar 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    need xbox one vs ps4 review three years later

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  24. Killerkingray57
    Killerkingray57 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    some people get xbox or ps4 depending what there friends are getting i got a xbox on because everyone else has one but i would like both xboxnone and ps4 because ps4 has pro controlers and have more games but yeh i got xbox because or my feiend and i like to have both anyway have a nice day depending when u read this !!!!#i like xbox and ps4 same number 100% for both

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  25. Nathaniel James Aguilar
    Nathaniel James Aguilar 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Console peasants

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    FIJI_ 4THEWIN 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Ps4 is my opinion

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    FIJI_ 4THEWIN 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    U should do gta5 vs Black ops

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  28. Trey Turner
    Trey Turner 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I like both

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  29. Armands Zovskis
    Armands Zovskis 3 March, 2022, 18:02
  30. Bill Macisaac
    Bill Macisaac 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Thank you for a very decent review, how about a review about which is or makes a better media hub, as I find my self ushering my gaming consol more for streaming these days.Again thank you

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  31. Shubham Sinha
    Shubham Sinha 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I have an Xbox one .. have played on PS4.. honestly I don't see any difference in performance between them

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  32. PnoyDisabilityRider
    PnoyDisabilityRider 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Which one should i get? Pc gamer here.

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  33. Steve Irwin's left nut
    Steve Irwin's left nut 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Apple vs android pc vs mac PS4 vs Xbox what's next spicy cheetos vs cheese cheetos

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  34. Hunted_Slaw
    Hunted_Slaw 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I've had my Xbox one for a couple of years and I hate to say it but I'm gonna trade it for a PS4. Xbox one exclusiveness are trash. PS4 has The last of us, God of war, Uncharted, etc. I do have friends on Xbox one but we don't play a ton so I think I'll get a PS4. Menu on Xbox one has way too many ads and is very complicated, while PS4 is user friendly, easy. I do love both controllers though, they are both very comfortable. But PS4 wins, it's cheap and has way better exclusives and is overall a better console

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  35. Sotiris Kavadakis
    Sotiris Kavadakis 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I have a PS4 and its the best.I dont hate the xbox(I had the original).also the Dualshock4 is a big W

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  36. Swilto _
    Swilto _ 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Ok guys, get an Xbox, you can use the games and controllers for pc, idk know about playstation users but i heard that the backwards compatibility of the ps4 is a scam. So i suggest STOP THE CONSOLE WARS AND GET A PC. or you can wait for nintendo switch

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  37. Catherine Holmes
    Catherine Holmes 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Im getting a ps4

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  38. Alex George
    Alex George 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I honestly don't care about these pathetic fanboy but I will say this; now I don't gaf about exclusives but one problem with the XB1 is the fact you have to install every game first. Yes, it means the discs last longer but it can take a fucking long time if you buy a game late, since there's loads of updates.

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  39. DrumLuv23
    DrumLuv23 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Am I the only one that is totally digging his shirt?

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  40. Malik Mccain
    Malik Mccain 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Fuck boys PS4 life Xbox is for trolling and fucktarts

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  41. Jayesh Mishra
    Jayesh Mishra 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    god of war, last of us 2,spider man, horizon zero dawn, uncharted lost legacy,days gone ain't these enough?? tell me one Xbox game that is gonna at least equal one of these πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  42. Omar El Terras
    Omar El Terras 3 March, 2022, 18:02
  43. Sean Quertinmont
    Sean Quertinmont 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    xbox playstation sucks

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  44. Jaimeet
    Jaimeet 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Most of the xbox functionality is limited to US only whereas, the functionality of PS4 is the same everywhere, so it's no surprise that no one outside US wants to buy xbox

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  45. EstinZ
    EstinZ 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I have a Xbox and will stay primarily a Xbox user because all my friends are in the XB1 but PS4 has some awesome exclusives that I would love to play but don't know if it's worth it to get a whole system just for a couple games. If any PS4 users could help me out that would be great

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  46. Matt Thornton
    Matt Thornton 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    I guess it really comes down to what games you're looking for. For me, I like a game that has equally amazing gameplay, story and characters. And well, in my opinion I think PlayStation does those types of games better.

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  47. nazim
    nazim 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Both the PS4 and Xbox one are equally as good but it's based on preference

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  48. Nazma Akhter
    Nazma Akhter 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Stupide suck Xbox 😩

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  49. Nazma Akhter
    Nazma Akhter 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    My friend said ps4 is better and my friend have a ps4

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  50. Nazma Akhter
    Nazma Akhter 3 March, 2022, 18:02

    Ps4 is better then Xbox one

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