Quickest Gaming Notebook! Origin Laptop EON15-X Unbox & Evaluation | i7 6700K GTX 980M

Quickest Gaming Notebook! Origin Laptop EON15-X Unbox & Evaluation | i7 6700K GTX 980M

OriginPC: http://originPC.com

EON15-X with Customized Painted Brand
Intel Main i7 6700K Quad-Main 4.0GHz
32GB Kingston HyperX Effect DDR4 2133MHz (4 X 8GB)
Home windows 8.1 pro
500GB Samsung 850 evo procedure push
1TB Samsung 850 evo storage push
Intel Pro Wi-fi AC 7265 + BT Wi-fi LAN Combo
EON fifteen/17-X Supplemental Whole Variety Autoswitch AC Adapter 230W

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  1. speedevil22
    speedevil22 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Why does he keep calling all of his stuff "The fastest PC etc", it's not always a competition, and if it was, he would lose.
    Eurocom and Schenker both have workstation class notebooks with desktop i7's, 64GB of RAM, quad 1TB SSDs in Raid 10, and Nvidia QuadroM graphics chips. They also have up to DUAL desktop GTX 980s in the notebooks.

    His new Origin desktop PC isn't the fastest either. My desktop has an i7-5820K OC'd to 4.1 GHz on an MSI X99A Godlike Gaming motherboard with 32GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 (8x4GB 2800 MHz), and triple Gigabyte Windforce GTX 980 4GB Xtreme Gaming.

    Again, it isn't a competition, but these titles are pompous and stupid. There are people like JayzTwoCents with triple GTX 980 Tis all OC'd out the ass and fully custom loop with 64GB of RAM and an i7-5960X. God knows what Linus has in his rack mounted system these days….

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    A RAHMAN 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    can I play bf4 on this laptop please !

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  3. Johny :D
    Johny :D 25 February, 2016, 17:05
  4. 이중훈
    이중훈 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Whao last night i have checked all the laptops from the comments. I found that origin pc is actually cheaper. My setup was 17inch display i7 6700k, gtx 980, 16gb ram, 500 samsung ssd + 250 samsung sdd (evo). Honestly its little bit cheaper. I dont know why people are saying that origin pc is over priced. Since i live overseas shipping was also important. Its about 220 dollars for origin pc and for sager it was 370 dollars. If i include the shipping price with both brand, it comes to about 2800 dollars for origin pc and 3200dollars for sager computers. So What is going on with all these incorrect comments?

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  5. Michal G
    Michal G 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Why would anyone buy a notebook, that you cannot even transport, because during gaming (for which it was built) will eat the battery in like 20 min?

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  6. Djsrock Booface
    Djsrock Booface 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    I'll stick with msi

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  7. GameCommand
    GameCommand 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Those things are expensive. About $2,000? That's a bit too much for my taste.

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  8. Koi Nation
    Koi Nation 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Origin does have good pc's but everything is way over priced

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  9. Martin  Ibach
    Martin Ibach 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    what a badass laptop, i was wondering if origin pc is ever coming to europe cuz i´m german and would want a german keyboard…….

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  10. United Trollforce
    United Trollforce 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    your face reminds me of michael scofield from prison break

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  11. iRockZ
    iRockZ 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Especially for europeans: check out Schenker XMG…also customizable laptops for a great price. That is no ad, just an opinion

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  12. JerseyBear
    JerseyBear 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Can it run the Witcher 3 at max settings reliably?

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  13. Vyperus 1o
    Vyperus 1o 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    How much does it cost??

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  14. Oddy Chanz
    Oddy Chanz 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    I want his build, I love how he did not tell us how much it cost. Now I have to figure out myself how much I have to save up. What a drag..

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  15. Maria Madrigal
    Maria Madrigal 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    I went to the web and built one for 6,759k and put 10 but I wish I was rich

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  16. Maria Madrigal
    Maria Madrigal 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Let me guess 10k for thats

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  17. Jasper Tahnk
    Jasper Tahnk 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    says 4k is overkill
    has a gtx980m 8vram and 32gb of ram…

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  18. Kaleb33497
    Kaleb33497 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    i got this one but i have dual 980m's

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  19. 2pumpedupforu
    2pumpedupforu 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    laptops that thick have 980 ti desktops with desktop processor. this laptop for two months ago really lacks power.

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  20. Christopher Atkinson
    Christopher Atkinson 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    I think alot of people are just hurt they can't afford this laptop. Of course there are faster laptops out there but for this price, I think it's decent to say the least. Stop commenting about desktops. Obviously a desktop would be preferred. But as a gamer in college who would use it in multiple places, this is ideal. Especially with the desktop processor in it with the Nvidia GTX 980M. Just my opinion.

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  21. Rin “A” Notion
    Rin “A” Notion 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Can someone tell which origin laptop they prefer or which is the best.

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  22. Quinten Cambridge
    Quinten Cambridge 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    I don't know if you guys have seen this thing in real life but it is very bulky. I went with a less powerful but much more elegant solution of the msi gs60 with the i7 6700HQ and gtx 970m. It was more expensive at 2150 euros ($2330) here in the Netherlands, $1800 in America (We really get screwed over here!) but the build quality is much better than this and it is a much thinner 15.6 inch laptop.

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  23. George VanHorn
    George VanHorn 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    The title of these videos are becoming ridiculous, "Fastest Gaming Laptop!". Oh wait its only a single 980m, and its really a clevo, and that 240w AC adapter will not support even a moderate overclock. Sure nice variant laptop but far from the fastest gaming laptop.

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  24. HellRaiser
    HellRaiser 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    if EA makes computers as good as they do Servers than i dont want it

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  25. Fredrik Carlén
    Fredrik Carlén 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Awesome laptop, yes! But it is slightly misleading to say that it is "the fastest gaming laptop" simply because it is not. The MSI GT80 has 2 GTX 980s and a 4790k

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  26. Robert Dipaolo
    Robert Dipaolo 25 February, 2016, 17:05
  27. Mr. S. Bear
    Mr. S. Bear 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    heavy breathing

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  28. TechUniverse
    TechUniverse 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    you are absolutely retar***

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  29. Shadowstalkerplays unturned
    Shadowstalkerplays unturned 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    I have a 8 core processor for my fathers laptop

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  30. kim andre
    kim andre 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    am i the only who sees swastika

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  31. Joshua Mayes
    Joshua Mayes 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    I got a desktop, upgraded it over time so It can run pretty much everygame, then I get so much confidence in my pc, then I watched this video, lost all confidence

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  32. KillTheCurse
    KillTheCurse 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Just another guy who seems to think laptops should be weaker. Many people playing games on pc are on laptops.

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  33. KillTheCurse
    KillTheCurse 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    8GB 980m??????

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  34. yipyipyipya
    yipyipyipya 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Well you convinced me to highly consider origin

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  35. ??Shawnツღ
    ??Shawnツღ 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    Should I buy this Eon17-X or get the Ghost Pro gaming laptop by Msi?

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  36. Gaming Legend 246
    Gaming Legend 246 25 February, 2016, 17:05

    this is my pc is it good??Case:  EON17-X
     Exterior:  Shredder Green
      Current Special Offers: Start The New Year Right Medium
     The ORIGIN Difference: ORIGIN PC EON17-X – The Best Gaming Experience Guaranteed
     Display Type: EON17-X 1920 x 1080 17.3" IPS Matte Display with G-SYNC
     Screen Calibration: ORIGIN PC LCD Screen Calibration
     Keyboard and Touchpad: Customizable Backlit Keyboard w/ Three Lighting Zones and Multiple Color options and Multi-gesture Touchpad
     Graphic Cards: Single 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M with G-SYNC support
     Processors: Intel Core i7 6700K Quad-Core 4.0GHz (4.2GHz TurboBoost)
     Memory: 32GB Kingston HyperX Impact DDR4 2133MHz (4 X 8GB)
     Operating System: MS Windows 10 Home
     External Optical Drive: SAMSUNG USB 2.0 Slim External DVD Writer 8X DVD+/-R/RW/6X +/-DL
     m.2 SSD Drive: None
     m.2 SSD Drive Two: None
     Hard Drive: 1TB Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive
     Hard Drive Two: 1TB Samsung 850 Pro Series
     Audio: Creative Sound Blaster E3 Headphone Amplifier
     Onboard LAN: Killer™ E2400
     Networking: Killer™ Wireless AC 1535 Dual Band +BT (*Killer Doubleshot Pro enabled)
     SuperSpeed USB 3.0: SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports
     SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Type-C: USB 3.1 Type-C
     Media Card Reader: Media Card Reader
     Finger Print Reader: Integrated Biometric Fingerprint Reader
     Integrated Camera: Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Video Camera
     Warranty: Lifetime 24/7 U.S. Based Support and Lifetime Free Labor. 3 Year Part Replacement & Free Shipping Warranty
     ORIGIN Recovery: ORIGIN Recovery USB3.0 Flash Drive
     No Dead Pixel Guarantee: 45 Day No Dead Pixel Guarantee Free
     Origin Exclusive Peripherals: ORIGIN PC BlackWidow Chroma
     Free ORIGIN PC T-shirt: ORIGIN PC T-Shirt Large
     ORIGIN PC Apparel and Extras: ORIGIN PC Hoodie Large
     Keyboards: Corsair Gaming K70 RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard
     Mouse: Razer Naga Epic Chroma
     Mouse Pad: Razer Goliathus Extended Speed 2014
     Gaming Controllers: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick
     Bags and Carrying Cases: Astro Scout Backpack
     Headsets: Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset
     Security Software: Webroot AntiVirus for PC Gamers
     Productivity Software: Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student (1PC/1User) US Version
     Cloud Backup: Carbonite
     Extras: FREE INSTALL: Minecraft
     Web Browser: Custom Browser FREEE MINECRAFT xD

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