Revenge From Mars pinball Trough OPTO repair/troubleshooting Part #2 – Bally Williams

Revenge From Mars pinball Trough OPTO repair/troubleshooting Part #2 –  Bally Williams

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In this video we are going to fix our Revenge From Mars Pinball Opto issue. We will check the ten opto PCB, the opto receiver and transmitter boards, and replace both optos to fix.

Pinball tech!

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  1. AR Gaming rentals
    AR Gaming rentals 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    when replacing the dark receiver optos, how do u know the orientation when installing them?

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  2. House house
    House house 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Is there a free play mode for this without opening the cabinet?

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  3. BlueCanti
    BlueCanti 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Hey John, I want to thank you for the cell-phone camera trick to test optos. I've been having issues with my Bally Truck Stop for over a year and couldn't pinpoint it, until now. Thanks again!

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  4. p fritts
    p fritts 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    You ever think about putting LEDs in your RFM? I did, but until there is an LED OCD board for it, I might just put old lamps back into so they will fade correctly.

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  5. Eddie Cramer
    Eddie Cramer 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    In the future while working on the opto board replace the old LM339 chips they are prone to be the weak point. Install sockets so that in the future you can replace the chips without soldering. Don't forget to clean off the solder flux as it can cause false bridges and is also corrosive. You fixed the initial problem with the installation of the new transmitters that failed to light. Most opto problems are bad transmitters as they are always on from power up and like bulbs they burn out. You created another issue when installing the new receivers but you were not aware of the reverse nature of the new optos. Congrats on the fix.

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  6. Hello Kitty Fan Man!
    Hello Kitty Fan Man! 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    By the way, opto. sensors are not LEDs (light-emitting diodes); they're light sensors.

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  7. Hello Kitty Lover Man
    Hello Kitty Lover Man 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Ya know, you're just being redundant by putting the phone's video camera in the way between your optoelectronic emitters (which "opto" for short shouldn't be capitalized and confused as "One-Person-Train-Operation") and your camera that we see you with. It doesn't have to be a cell phone. There's nothing special about the cell phone camera. We can already see them lit up through your nicer camera here.

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  8. MrDrunkReviews
    MrDrunkReviews 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    I am a long time VGO listener who just purchased their first pin (Episode 1) and am looking to get a feel for how to work on these. I don't have keys so need to drill the locks and reseat the prism card. It's randomly restarting and not booting back up. Thanks for the video man!

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  9. Joe Cole
    Joe Cole 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Thanks John!   Great vids as always! Big fan!

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  10. drizzt186
    drizzt186 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    John this video is very informative about the opto problems you can experience on revenge from mars pin. thank you  for making this video if and when i get this pin the info will def come in handy. I enjoy all your tech videos John. they're all amazingly informative for the hobby thanks again. Keep up the amazing videos John!!

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  11. Dylan Shows How
    Dylan Shows How 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Hey John, Here's a quick tip that has made my life easier. You can test IC's with your digital multimeter. Simply set the DMM to the diode test setting, place the red meter lead on the ground pin of the IC under test, and probe the other pins with the black meter lead. What you are essentially doing is looking for dead shorts to ground, because when IC's fail they usually short dead to ground. You should normally read a junction drop between the pins of around .4 to .8 volts. If you find a pin that appears to be shorted to ground, you have to then reference the manual to see weather or not the pin is supposed to be shorted to ground, as many times they are purposely pulled to ground.

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  12. game_whisperer
    game_whisperer 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Awesome, really enjoyed this one. 

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  13. santuel
    santuel 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    You should ask Ben to look at your table.

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  14. john Dingo-Fox
    john Dingo-Fox 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Honestly you should have him build you a board rack so you can test arcade boards before placing them in your machines

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  15. CNKayutube
    CNKayutube 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    John how about building an arduino controlled basement automation auto power up system
    Flip one switch and each game powers up one at a time in the order you want
    A breeze for Ben
    Or the Heck effect guitar pedal!'

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  16. John
    John 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Your poor phone…SMASH!

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  17. Retro Addicts
    Retro Addicts 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Awesome you got it going! Love that game.

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  18. arcadefever
    arcadefever 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Glad you fixed those Opto !!! got a bit worried after you replaced the censors and it went back to the same old issue…
    Love the idea of you organizing the Fun Spot Tournament 😉 

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  19. Joshua Fraim
    Joshua Fraim 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    i tried the other williams 2000 pinball game star wars episode 1 for the first time tonight.  i actually liked it better than i thought.  i never really liked revenge from mars that much because it seems so cheap.  no ball save or at least on the machine i played it on years ago which can make the game go way to fast.  

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  20. ToneBone 70
    ToneBone 70 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Dude……I'm in Detroit. If u organize that tournament……….IM THERE!

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  21. JesseH
    JesseH 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    That's awesome!  I remember you wanting to do something with Ben a few videos back.  Excellent!

    maybe you guys could make a video pinball that plays multiple pinball games, if that's your thing – Pinball X, Or maybe he could improve the overall look of the arcade, walls, ceilings, SOMETHING cool and original.  Didn't you have some lighting issues with your Major Havoc, like you could get the lights to flash at the same time or something?  Hmmm it will be intereting to see what you come up with.

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  22. TheRabidfox11
    TheRabidfox11 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    I've Ben hearing a lot about this guy Ben, all around town here in RC. Sounds like one Heck of a smart guy. Anyway ,just my two cents,, love the idea of a digital high score board of the games in your basement. This way your viewers can see what, and who has the great scores in your basement! Also give them something to shoot for on there own respected arcades they may have… interested in what you two come up with nonetheless… Should be awesome. your, keepping it real,,Great work ,JON

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  23. thomascampr
    thomascampr 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Shark tank has a PRODUCT that is called TABLE JACKS. They are for wobbly tables. EBay them.

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  24. John Crawford
    John Crawford 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    A working arcade game/combo guitar amplifier with a full range of effects

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  25. Brian Hanifin
    Brian Hanifin 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Congratulations! I was just about to ask you if those optos were backwards. LOL. I love my RFM.

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  26. Slayer768
    Slayer768 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    I really like the fan mail and hang outs at the table. Also really like the Johns quest for 300,000. Everything you do is very entertaining. Keep up the great work.

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  27. Damon0306
    Damon0306 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    John, I'm sorry I'm a newbie, please what does that blue and yellow plastic spring loaded tool DO? Does it blow air or suck up air? To remove excess solder particles? Thanks.

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  28. Frits C
    Frits C 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Oke, nice vid,  lucky you , kind of strange that they go the other way .
    Had a lot of snow today ? maybe you could show some weather,….. as if you were a weather freak .
    Thanks gr from Switzerland

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  29. googleboughtmee
    googleboughtmee 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    I'm sure you noticed this already but your video camera showed the infra-red just fine, don't need the phone 🙂

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  30. thomascampr
    thomascampr 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Ben could make John a thingy to keep the table from wobbling LOL

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  31. SongahmWarrior
    SongahmWarrior 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Love the videos John and Keep the game play videos coming.

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  32. Treguard
    Treguard 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Just think of the news headlines if he didn't fix it:
    "Crazed man smashes pinball machine to bits with a flipflop, blames it all on "Opto"

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  33. Michael Salomone
    Michael Salomone 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Keep doing what you are doing, the point quest vids give me hints on how to better my game play, the on the road vids are always great, and the refurbish, repair vids give me knowledge that I would not have otherwise.  Keep up the great work!

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  34. Karen Vermeulen
    Karen Vermeulen 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Congrats! You need to celebrate with some Tito's!! You KNEAD some Tito's!! 🙂

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  35. Patrick Daniels
    Patrick Daniels 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    Since I found this channel, it's easily risen to the top of my favorites that I subscribe to. It's not only for repair videos, I watch them all…sometimes multiple times! I actually just started to collect arcade machines myself (breaking the neck on my CRT accidentally, as you read on your forums!) all because of this channel! 

    In regards to the Johnny Quest videos, keep them coming, I say! They're fantastic! (Though, where's Hadji been all these years?) 

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  36. uhfnutbar1
    uhfnutbar1 18 March, 2022, 04:47

    the flat side is Negative – – – – not + + + + + flat for a flat line 🙂  

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