Small Appliances Reviews

Small Appliances Reviews
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Following a total kitchen remodel a few years ago, I decided my old kitchen appliances which had seen better days just weren’t cutting it and that it was time to buy new ones. Since I love to cook, this prospect initially excited me. What I hadn’t counted on was just how difficult a task it would be. With so many brands and models to choose from, it was downright confusing.

I put in many, many hours researching, made copious notes, read lots of reviews, compared brands and prices and I’m pleased to say I ended up with a kitchen full of new appliances that have made the time I spend cooking even more enjoyable and helped make the tasks I don’t like less tiresome and time consuming.

In the three years since, a few friends have asked my to help them choose appliances for their kitchens or as gifts for family. One said I should start a kitchen appliances review site. I laughed her suggestion off, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea. After all, I enjoy doing research, like to write and I was up for the challenge of learning how to create a website. So, earlier this year, I came up with

Along with all manner of advice on kitchen related items, there are reviews on cheap kitchen appliances and high end kitchen appliances including cookware, coffee makers, water heaters, toasters, toaster ovens, microwave ovens, bar fridges, ice cream makers, yogurt makers, food dehydrators, slow cookers, multi cookers, rice cookers and just about every other kitchen appliance you can think of. I also tell you where to buy kitchen appliances online and where to get kitchen appliances for the best price.

Obviously I haven’t used all of the models I review, but I am committed to making sure the reviews are as unbiased and accurate as they can be, and I don’t sugar-coat them. If a particular appliance has negative comments from reviewers, be assured I will include these as part of my review.

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