Solved!/Sony HT-A9 Home Theater System Malfunctioning Issues | Easy Fix

Solved!/Sony HT-A9 Home Theater System Malfunctioning Issues | Easy Fix

As a reseller, these types of do it yourself projects will be some of your biggest revenue generators. We purchased x2 of these units for $15.83 each and since this post, we’ve already sold both units for a total of $3,700.00

After realizing one of the Sony HT-A9 Home Theater speakers would not turn on, the speaker unit itself was taken apart. Come to find out, the power supply ribbon was unplugged.

After further analysis, it was determined that the two rear speakers, RR and RL had malfunctioning wireless modules. Therefore, two modules were purchased and installed.


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  1. Peter Ledniczky
    Peter Ledniczky 14 May, 2022, 06:24

    Hey Aarun, I have this system and I'm hearing some vibration on the front left speaker when I'm listening a music on a higher level (+40) which have a lot of bass, this issue is not present on other speakers just on the front left, do you have an idea how it can be fixed? I have contacted the support where I bought and also other authorized service, however wondering if I can solve the issue. It looks like on a higher volume level when the speaker starts to shaking it touches some component. Also I need to mention that for movies almost impossible to find this issue.

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  2. Brionna Henry
    Brionna Henry 14 May, 2022, 06:24

    Hey how did you open up the speaker I’m having the same issue with mine where speaker will not turn on at all.

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  3. Kyle Slinn
    Kyle Slinn 14 May, 2022, 06:24

    Where did you purchase the units from?

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  4. LightSpeedBriefs
    LightSpeedBriefs 14 May, 2022, 06:24

    Was it actually the rf module failing or maybe the hubs signal to that rf module? That is, was it the module or the hub that was malfunctioning? Also I would think that the rf modules have a unique address that identifies them as “Right Left” etc., so swapping the modules with another’s would also swap the position in the hub’s sound placement management. ? Don’t know for sure.

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  5. Aquarius
    Aquarius 14 May, 2022, 06:24

    Well done for fixing it. I wish these speakers also came in black or white.

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