South Lender Of Thames (1970-1979)

South Lender Of Thames (1970-1979)

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LS of HMS Belfast moored on the South Lender of the River Thames. Pan along the lender displaying a several structures – largely dilapidated, then a patch of open squander ground. Pan again. LS of tall chimney pull out to shot of warehouses and so on on this part of the South Lender. Extra pictures of squander ground. LS of River Thames. Zoom in to exhibit new office developing beneath development. Good shot of reflection of Tower Bridge in pool of drinking water on squander ground. Tilt up to exhibit Tower Bridge. Zoom via bridge to exhibit office developing. Repeat of shot. LS of Tower of London. Zoom out to exhibit rubble on opposite lender. Photographs from squander ground of nearby flats. CU old plaque for Reasonable Avenue Colleges. Pull out to exhibit developing. Repeat. Pan down the frontage of developing ‘Hay’s Wharf Head Offices’ – it looks in want of maintenance. CU of avenue signal pull out to exhibit visitors. Avenue is Tooley Avenue. VS of little ones taking part in close to derelict developing. VS of lorry generating delivery all around again of warehouse. Area heaps extremely frustrated and in want of restoration. Minimal angle shot of Hays Wharf Setting up. VS of HMS Belfast. This Royal Naval warship was moored as a floating museum. Pan to exhibit warehouse on lender. CU barbed wire pull out to exhibit derelict structures upcoming to River. VS derelict wharfs with docks silted up.
Film ID:3387.03

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