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Toronto Home Theater | FAQ | Serving Toronto, Ontario

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What is the Best Size For a Projection Screen ?
How big a screen you use for a home theater is dictated by a number of factors, not the least of which how far away you are going to be sitting from the screen so it properly fits your peripheral vision. As well as restrictions of the size of the room, ceiling height, width, other factors come into play. Common misconception is, for customers to want to get the biggest screen they could possibly get, even though that might not be the right fit for the room. You wouldn’t go to a movie and sit in the front row on purpose, so it doesn’t make sense to bring that experience into your own home where you have to live with it permanently.

What Kind of Screen Gives Me the Best Image ?

Using a proper projection screen is essential for having an accurate and crisp picture. Sometimes people have a tendency to want to just project the image on a flat surface or say, “I’ll just paint the wall.” For the small amount of overall cost that the screen adds to the project, you’re better off to do it right. There is no point in having a high grade projector projecting a high grade image onto a low grade surface. One of the most important factors with a projection system is to have a perfectly flat surface to display the image on. With a fixed frame screen, that fabric is perfectly flat. With an electric or a drop down screen, the fabric has a tendency to have small imperfections or waves in it that might not look like much, but when you’re displaying the image on that screen, it’s noticeable. Sometimes they’re a necessity, but my recommendation for a professional home theater is to do a fixed frame screen.

Can Home Theaters Be Added To Finished Rooms ?

One of the areas that Toronto Home Theater excels in is retro fit style work where we have to work around a finished room to get wiring, components, speakers and the projector placed in appropriate locations to make the theater system work. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to do a home theater is to plan ahead and make sure that you add the essential wiring and components that have to go on behind the scenes before you finish the room.

Can I Play Video Games on a Projector Screen ?

Absolutely. Almost any video system that is currently on the market is completely compatible with any projection system. Again, the common misconception with projection systems is that they’re only for movies. You can watch television on them, stream videos from the internet, video games systems, photo presentations. Almost anything you could think of that you can do with a television, you can do with a projection system.

Can’t I Get a Big Flat Screen TV for Less Money ?

Some people’s instincts are to go with just a large flat panel television, thinking that maybe projection doesn’t look that good or is more costly than say a 60, 65 or 70 inch large flat panel TV. If you break it down just to the display component, be it the television or the projection system of a home theater system, you can achieve a lot larger screen at the same or even less of a price point than a television.

Where is The Best Place to Set Up a Home Theater ?

Projection systems typically excel in a light controlled environment. For most people that’s going to be the basement of your home. In a living room environment, you have a lot of sunlight, natural light coming into the room, that’s not really good for projection systems. Projection systems will by far show you their best image in a light controlled environment, that usually means a basement.

Do You Sell Home Theater Systems and Install it as Well?

Toronto Home Theater is a turnkey solution provider. What we mean by that, is that we can supply the entire project to you from start to finish and every aspect of it. We supply and install of the equipment. We can provide painting services, carpentry services, electrical services, custom lighting. Almost anything you can think of, we have the staff to take care of it for you.

Why Should I Choose Toronto Home Theater ?

Started the company in 2007 with a very simple old world business philosophy. We’re going to provide our customers with excellent value, we’re going to provide them with honest advice and treat them fair, and we’re going to do a good job. Everything that you see in this demonstration is my own personal home theater and everything that you see here was completed by Toronto Home Theater staff.

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