Toshiba QOSMIO X70 A Gaming Laptop Review!

Toshiba QOSMIO X70 A Gaming Laptop Review!

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Toshiba QOSMIO X70-A Gaming Laptop Review!
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  1. DePistolero
    DePistolero 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    It has served me well for years and now I am looking for a replacement…

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  2. RevenantAD
    RevenantAD 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    Recommend recording with OBS instead of fraps

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  3. MaxSpider
    MaxSpider 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    will this run DOOM 4 ? plz

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  4. coinshooter Roby
    coinshooter Roby 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    Damn and I thought I had alot of haters on my Channel ! Good job on the video Thums up ! Best wishes !

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  5. firefly 007
    firefly 007 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    is it very very nice

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  6. Khadija Abdul
    Khadija Abdul 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    That is a fucking video

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  7. Clark Brain
    Clark Brain 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    …The Toshiba Qosmio X505 features a 18.4-inch screen, nVidia GTS… Toshiba Qosmio X70-AST3G23 Laptop Notebook Windows 8 – Intel i7-4700MQ Up to 3.40GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 – 8GB RAM – 1.0TB HD – 17.3 inch display   : This is wonderfull review. I found the cheapest on #amazon: I would buy such a thing as a gift..

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  8. wariswrong1
    wariswrong1 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    YAWN !!!!!  worst review i have ever watched, hell, worst video on youtube I ever watched and I watched 'charlie bit my finger'

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  9. Dr.German
    Dr.German 8 March, 2022, 02:54


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  10. Dr.German
    Dr.German 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    NVIDIA® GTX770M 

    well that sucks

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  11. mujtaba bhatti
    mujtaba bhatti 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    i have tried many shops in pakistan but it was not available there i really want it can somone please pretty please tell me where in pakistan this laptop is available please reply thanks

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  12. Ahmed ElBana
    Ahmed ElBana 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    I'm gonna to buy a toshiba qosmio x70 a596. ..
    I've found comments on overheating problems and sudden shutdown!
    Can you please give me your recommendation and suggestions. .

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  13. macoh coding
    macoh coding 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    This is a beast.. better keep it plugged. Definetely a desktop replacement.

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  14. Pieter Ockers
    Pieter Ockers 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    What a terrible review, you must do radio, I want to see facts not to here how great it is, you must showhow great it is.

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  15. Adesoji Adeyeye
    Adesoji Adeyeye 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    how would FIFA 15 perform on this Qosmio…..

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  16. xXUAE123456Xx
    xXUAE123456Xx 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    i am going to buy it tomorrow i just saw it and i had to make this research before buying it 

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  17. Krey gasm
    Krey gasm 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    i just bought it lol 😀

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  18. AnamorphicBan
    AnamorphicBan 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    This is my alternate option to my PS4 for playing BF4, Moba games, indie PC games, source games and for LAN parties. Comparing to PS4's GPU and this laptop's GPU (770m), the 770m isn't quite on par with the PS4's GPU, there is like a small mini 10% difference in terms of 770m's performance, i'd say the 770m is more comparable to XB1 perhaps better. As for Overclocking the GPU, this is very very unOCable. +80coreMhz and +400memoryMhz and 770m still crashes often, anything below that is just unnoticeable for me to overclock -_- and oh, for gamers out there, disable turbo boost via bios and manually overclock the CPU yourself, it will really improve your temp and remove fps drops! and if you plan to do some hard media editing then bring back turbo boost on and revert your overclock. 🙂 cheers

    And oh, for my personal fps reference for those buyers out there
    I run BF4 at medium settings+HBAO/1080p with 85% resolution at 45min-90maxfps, very playable with an average of 60-70fps at 65c unOCed
    LOL at full blown ultra with a rock solid 60fps at all times (capped)
    CSGO at full blown ultra but 2x AA at rock solid 60fps at all times (capped)

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  19. Ruben
    Ruben 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    Good Review! How is the acces to the laptop, for dust removal?

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  20. RxSwolldier
    RxSwolldier 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    Toshiba usually makes bulky laptops, nice to see the sleek change, looks a bit like the levono y510p =P

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  21. zakoblivioa
    zakoblivioa 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    how do you ge them to send it 2 you for review

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  22. LadyDraco87
    LadyDraco87 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    I have been shopping around for a new laptop since my current one is on it's last legs. This looks like a nice upgrade and I am interested to start a gaming channel.

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  23. ThePureVibezzHD
    ThePureVibezzHD 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    This laptop looks awesome !

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  24. Mari
    Mari 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    Nice intro!

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  25. Soapy
    Soapy 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    I am in love with that laptop! I need it in my life 🙂

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  26. Soapy
    Soapy 8 March, 2022, 02:54

    I am in love with that laptop! I need it in my life 🙂

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