Ultra Compact ITX Gaming Rig ft. GTX 970 mini

Ultra Compact ITX Gaming Rig ft. GTX 970 mini

We went on a journey to build the most powerful system in as small and compact of a package as possible. Anthony says its not the size that matters, but whats inside.

CASE – Raijintek Metis:

Motherboard was the Gigabyte Z87N Wifi, but it’s discontinued, so here’s the Z97 version:

CPU – Intel i7 4790K:

GPU – Gigabyte GTX 970 OC ITX:

RAM – Avexir 8GB LED DDR3:

Cooler – Noctua D9L:

SSD – HyperX Fury 240GB:

Case Fan – Noctua NF-F12:

PSU – Silverstone SFX 450W:

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Kalvin Shum

Categories: Computer System

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  1. Wade
    Wade 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    "girly asian hands", voice cracking…

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  2. Charles Hornek
    Charles Hornek 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    5 Years ago😂😂

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  3. Daniel Fatfingahs
    Daniel Fatfingahs 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    Ok how much would a copy-cat system go for (used or new) today?

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  4. Kyle Thurber
    Kyle Thurber 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    Wow is this the last time Linus was on an NCIX video?

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  5. Roodles
    Roodles 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    "ultra compact"

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  6. nutzeeer
    nutzeeer 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    By removing the metal side panel i got the thermals "under control" with my gtx 1080 mini
    [email protected] instead of [email protected]

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  7. Edwin Reyes
    Edwin Reyes 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    I want to water cool my itx build but this is satisfying

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  8. Young Sandwich
    Young Sandwich 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    Linus's last video at NCIX

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  9. raul yanez cortes
    raul yanez cortes 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    1:51 Hey! I tought you said stereotypes hurt people…

    And hi, from a future traveler to the past from 2019 by the way.

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  10. Joshalots
    Joshalots 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    are you a midget? that tiny thing looks huge next to you

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  11. Gabriel Padilla
    Gabriel Padilla 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    looking to build one soon to replace the monster setup that I have now but want a full sized card slot for my GPU.

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  12. Biggidous The Third
    Biggidous The Third 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    Rest in peace

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  13. 12957294
    12957294 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    Voice is squeaked higher

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  14. hustlr23
    hustlr23 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    that thing is so BEAST!

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  15. Sahara Gamer
    Sahara Gamer 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    That case is tall as my dick

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  16. Todd Emerick
    Todd Emerick 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    Linus is millimeters from a unibrow!

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  17. Julian Figueroa
    Julian Figueroa 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    id rather go with this

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  18. ButterBagelGaming
    ButterBagelGaming 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    i have that video card

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  19. Nicholas Bhagasinsan
    Nicholas Bhagasinsan 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    ncix Linus and cocaine techquickie Linus were the best Linus

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  20. Ewan Dankesreither
    Ewan Dankesreither 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    you spelled litre wrong

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  21. TONY B.
    TONY B. 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    That things a mouse beast! Love it.

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  22. mamamia88
    mamamia88 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    I think the handles make a case more portable than a small cube. just saying why don't more companies put handles on their mini itx cases?

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  23. Bello Triggerfish
    Bello Triggerfish 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    But will it fit my NH-D15???

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  24. Beanie Draws
    Beanie Draws 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    Dem racial stereotypes tho.

    I think Yi Jianlian might have something to say about Asians having small girly asian hands…

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  25. Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    central print question column helicopter welcome wealth pool.

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  26. GTRosario Media
    GTRosario Media 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    can you fit a 212 Evo on this case?

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  27. Big Baby Blue Eyes
    Big Baby Blue Eyes 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    "Fourty se-e-e-ven 90''

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  28. Mike Kowalski
    Mike Kowalski 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    halt die schnauze

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  29. brandon_lolz
    brandon_lolz 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    my sharkoon sharkzone c10 is still smaller 😛 and only $35

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  30. Aaron Lynch
    Aaron Lynch 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    I have the blue version of this case, nice little case. You can fit an AIO 120mm water cooler, I have myself. Silverstone has a slim one that is nice and works well in it. But if you use the fan instead I recommend turning it around and using it as an intake fan on the rear….which will use the PSU as the exhaust. It cools better that way, I've done it both.

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  31. Ryan Z
    Ryan Z 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    I got 21000 on 3D mark with a 1080 is there something wrong with my pc?

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  32. Kam Ron
    Kam Ron 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    My Gigabyte 970 mini gets a little bit hot in games (80°C at peak) , anyone in this case ?

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  33. Wandering Gamer
    Wandering Gamer 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    I have the DIYPC version of this case running a Gigabyte motherboard and the same gpu as Linus mentioned. It's awesome.

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  34. Jackson
    Jackson 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    waiting for the shit storm from "small asian girly hands"

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  35. Poopzak
    Poopzak 2 March, 2022, 17:50

    1:00 that case looks like a toaster

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