Unboxing of Sony BDV E4100 5.1 3D Home Theater System

Unboxing of Sony BDV E4100 5.1 3D Home Theater System

This Is the Unboxing of Sony BDV E4100 5.1 3D Home Theater System

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  1. Sam Victor
    Sam Victor 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    does dolby digital plus 5.1 supports via usb?

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  2. Gyan box
    Gyan box 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Out of stock in 2020

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  3. __vr__parker__390__
    __vr__parker__390__ 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Sony bdv e3200 and bdv e4100 which has more bass and more bass quality????????

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  4. darren holmes
    darren holmes 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Fucking useless 5.19 mins of my life

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  5. Rochmat Video
    Rochmat Video 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Jeck mic,,? Jeck mic model apa,?

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  6. Anghel Cristian
    Anghel Cristian 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Se aude bine?

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  7. Renier Ocumen
    Renier Ocumen 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Hi just want to know if how can i use this system while i am just watching in nnormal channel. Thank you

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  8. Febin Johny
    Febin Johny 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Suggest best home theatre systems around 30000. Also in Yamaha brand. sony HT-IV300 Home Cinema System with BLUETOOTH® technology MRP 22,990 sony BDV-E3200 Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Bluetooth®  MRP 29,990 sony BDV-E4100 Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Bluetooth®  MRP 34,990 Samsung HT-J5100K/XL 1000W 5.1Ch Blu-ray Home Entertainment System J5100 Samsung HT-H5500K HT-J5550K/XL 1000 W 5.1Ch Blu-ray Home Entertainment System J5550 LG LHB675 3D-Capable 1000W 4.2ch Blu-ray Disc™ XBOOM Home Theater System MRP Rs. 39990"yamaha yht 1840 
    yamaha yht 3072
    poineer htp 074
    sony hts 700 rf
    sony bdv e4100 

    Suggest best home theatre around 30000 with or without blue ray player

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  9. Duppada Ramdas
    Duppada Ramdas 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Can I connect to desktop pc

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  10. Orochi Mishima
    Orochi Mishima 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Are you sure its 1000w RMS not Peak ?

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    KARSTA BULVE2 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    wher sound?!!!!!!!

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  12. Azhar Malik
    Azhar Malik 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Please upload a sound & Bass test Video….

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  13. Vishnu Narayanan
    Vishnu Narayanan 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    you want to show the sound effect

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  14. Jatin Chaudhary
    Jatin Chaudhary 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    What does 3d mean and result in speakers

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  15. Александр Грибанов
    Александр Грибанов 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Это только начало обзора… Где подключение и проверка звука и заключение?!

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  16. ssjdeepanshu
    ssjdeepanshu 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Hey, can it play 4K Blu-Ray Disks…..

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  17. cartoon life
    cartoon life 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Can u give sound test pls

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  18. Valentin Horstmann
    Valentin Horstmann 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    thank U very much!

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  19. Asim Siddiqui
    Asim Siddiqui 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    I want to connect this system to my PS4 but my TV does not support ARC. I don't want to connect via optical. So, how can I connect my PS4 via HDMI?

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  20. Asim Siddiqui
    Asim Siddiqui 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Which one is better in terms of sound and surround quality for gaming? Sony bdv-e4100 or Sony ht iv 300

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  21. deepak gusain
    deepak gusain 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    sound is very clear and bass ausome bdve4100

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  22. Jonh Rosendo
    Jonh Rosendo 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Olá! Esse modelo tem radio AM FM?

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  23. Rohit Mishra
    Rohit Mishra 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    can you please tell me the diameter of the circular stand?? please… it's urgent.

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  24. Raghav Srivastava
    Raghav Srivastava 10 March, 2022, 03:06

    Please tell length of wiresCentre speaker Tall BoySurround

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