What is thermoseal? Smeg cooking expert explains latest oven technology – Appliances Online

What is thermoseal? Smeg cooking expert explains latest oven technology – Appliances Online

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Anne Lemon, cooking expert for Smeg, explains the latest Thermoseal technology that features in Smeg ovens.

Thermoseal works as a combination of technologies in Smeg’s underbench and wall ovens, to give “far better cooking results”.

One of the reasons for the better cooking environment is that the oven retains the heat. The air you start cooking with is the same air you finish cooking with.

That leads to more even browning and cooking, and there will not be a loss of moisture from the meat.

The ovens are made with as few joins as possible. There is just one in the carcass surrounds, which is strip welded rather than spot welded. A strong seal between the door and the oven helps retain the air.

One main characteristic is Smeg have incorporated a valve in the top of the oven which opens to remove excess moisture from inside.

A DuPont surface makes inside the ovens makes them very easy to clean.

The cooling action in the oven allows the doors to remain cool to the touch, even when cooking at high temperatures. Watch the full video find out how the safety function works…

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    trevor DFHG 16 January, 2022, 00:46

    Easy to use.

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    I would like to know what setting and what temperature is ideal for baking pastries.

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  3. Jay112591
    Jay112591 16 January, 2022, 00:46

    The pictures do not do this range justice, it is absolutely beautiful!!!>>>allmy.tips/7jel    The quality is fantastic at this price point. The range features German/Italian burner components, heavy duty oven racks, nice knobs, stylish handle, and very good build quality. My grates are different than the ones shown in the photo, and are way nicer with a more traditional commercial appearance.

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  4. Sofia Rossi
    Sofia Rossi 16 January, 2022, 00:46

    L ho acquistato 4 anni fa,funzioni ottime ma materiale molto scadente si è arrugginito subito compreso le leccarde .la funzione x la puluzia a vapore ha bruciato le schede che hanno un costo che superano il valore del forno. Lo sconsiglio assolutamente….pessimo! Bello solo esternamente

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    Good to know 😊

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