Within Dolby Atmos Dwelling Theater, with Pioneer’s Andrew Jones

Within Dolby Atmos Dwelling Theater, with Pioneer’s Andrew Jones

It is really not day-to-day that a single of the most recognized speaker designers and engineers in the earth visits to assist set up and calibrate a model-new form of surround speaker method they’ve just developed.

I’m talking about Pioneer’s Andrew Jones and his new Elite Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. I got to devote a entire day with the person in DT’s house theater as we talked speaker tech, design, and Dolby’s re-envisioning of surround sound in the house, known as Dolby Atmos. It was quite freakin’ sweet.

But I have to cop to acquiring entered into the meeting with a minor bit of skepticism. You see, although I have read ample of Andrew Jones’ speakers in the previous to know the method would in all probability sound extremely very good — if not damn breathtaking — I had some really serious uncertainties about this “Atmos-enabled” technique. It sounded to me like some form of acoustic voodoo. I just didn’t consider it would do the job extremely very well.

I was so improper. Turns out, not only is this Atmos-enabled technique a real looking different to ceiling speakers, it has its own unique positive aspects, as well. And it appears wonderful.

Study DT’s entire overview of Pioneer’s Elite Dolby Atmos speaker method and receiver here. http://www.digitaltrends.com/speaker-reviews/pioneer-elite-dolby-atmos-enabled-speaker-method-overview/

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